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Using Consulting to Finance SaaS

Written by Sacha on 12 November 2020

Are you interested in starting a SaaS company?

Here's how you can use consulting to finance your SaaS company.

The biggest expense will be the development of the software itself. 

If you’re a developer, then you could build it yourself. 

Or if you‘re not a developer, you would either have to hire your own developers or go to a development agency.

Here is where consulting comes in:

1. As a way of generating income to fund the development of your software

With the benefit being:

2. If you don’t have the software ready, you use the money from the coaching to build the software

3. If you do have the software ready, or once you do get it built, you offer the software as part of your coaching

Technically, you could do this with coaching, and here’s how it would look like:

1. You get a one on one coaching client

2. Use the money to start building the software

3. Once the software is built, offer it as either part of, or as an add on, to your coaching

The problem with having one on one coaching clients will be the amount of time that it takes.

And so, if you want to accelerate this process, it might be better to go straight into building a course and selling a course.

With a course, here’s how it would look like:

1. You sell a course that solves a niche’s problem

2. If you don’t have the software ready, you use the money from the course sales to build the software

3. If you do have the software ready, or once you do get it built, you offer the software as part of the course

Good luck!


How to Change Your Life

Written by Sacha on 11 November 2020

Want to change your life?

A neuroscientist, Dr Joe Dispenza, created a simple formula for changing your life:

“Your Personality creates your Personal Reality. Most people try to create a new Personal Reality by staying the same Personality, and it never works. In order to create a new Personal Reality, you have to become a new Personality”.

Your Personality is the consistency thoughts, feelings and actions that you have as a person. So changing your Personality would mean changing how you consistently think, feel and act.

You can think of this as a mathematical formula, where on the left hand side you have the “Old You” and on the right hand side, you have the “Old Life”. Then just below that on the left hand side, you have the “New You” and on the right hand side, you have the “New Life”. To go from our “Old Life” to “New Life” we have to change from the “Old You” to the “New You”.

So, on a piece of paper:

1. Next to “Old Life”, write down what your current life looks like. This could be everything from finances, relationships, your environment and more.

2. Next to “Old You”, write down what your Personality is currently like. This is your consistent thoughts, feelings and actions.

3. Next to “New Life”, write down what you want your new life to look like.

4. Next to “New You”, write down the Personality you would have to be in order to have the life that you wrote down in “New Life”.

That’s it.

Every day, work on becoming the “New You” that would have the “New Life”.

If you’re interested in diving more into this, I would definitely recommend studying Dr Joe Dispenza. His second book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, is brilliant. As well as all his lectures that you can find on YouTube.

Good luck!


Lessons from Apple

Written by Sacha on 4 November 2020

Want to be more like Apple?

I used to work at Apple as an engineer, and I have also studied this company every day for over 10 years to understand how they went from nearly bankrupt in 1997, to becoming a $2 trillion dollar company today.

One of the things that Apple does is offer a 2 week refund on any of their products, which they call “Buyers Remorse”. What‘s little known is that 2 week policy is the official policy, and they can often extend this for up to 4 weeks.

Of course, most people, most of the time, won’t need to refund their product. But that 2 week refund policy, and additional 2 weeks that they don’t know about, offers an incredible peace of mind for potential buyers.

More so, when someone does come to return a product, even after having used it for a number of weeks, getting the refund means that they still respect Apple as a company - and they are more likely to actually buy a product from Apple in the future.

Apple follows this to the tee.

So much so, that their goal is not to sell you on a product if it doesn’t make sense for you, because their goal is not sales. Their goal is extreme customer satisfaction - both in-store and product. When you leave an Apple Store, they want a customer to leave with a minimum 9/10 Net Performance Score. And all of their products usually rank with 99% customer satisfaction. In fact, if buying their product doesn’t make sense to you, and instead going to another store to buy a Windows product makes more sense, they will recommend that.

When most people think about Apple, they think about its products like the iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac. They think of Apple as a technology company.

But that’s only half the truth.

Apple is far more focused on humanity, operations, marketing and customer support.

That’s what makes Apple, Apple.

As a company, you might have customers who ask for a refund past the normal return poolicy in the terms and conditions.

While you would be right in not refunding your product, just remember the emotions someone will feel towards you and your product if they can’t get a refund. Would they be likely to recommend you to others and speak kindly about you and your service, or not?

Of course, there are edge cases. And in these edge cases, you should do what’s in the terms and conditions.

However, most people, most of the time, are good people that simply made a wrong choice and now have “Buyers Remorse”.

And if we look after them, we’re more likely to build a company that stands the test of time.

Like, Apple.

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